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Summer mansion


Opposite the parish church stands the secessional Hribar’s villa. The famous mayor of Ljubljana Ivan Hribar bought in 1886 Lukež’s house of that time on the opposite and rearranged it to his own favourite summer residence. He entrusted the reconstruction of the old stony farmhouse to the provincial engineer Vladimir Hraske, who has established himself as a builder of the National hall in Celje and Opera in Ljubljana.


High living standard


The annual villa represents the high living culture of the second half of the 19th century, which is marked by the history style of that time with classical window frames, the wooden and richly decorated front shows the influence of modern secession. House specialty was the electrical wiring, first in Cerklje, which was constructed in the house after the construction of a power plant in 1924 by Fredi Čižmar, an immigrant from America. The central part of the villa, the memorial room and the park are managed by Gorenjska banka, mainly for own needs.



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