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Cerklje was already developed in the old Carniola Municipality as a social care center. It consists 30 villages and 21 village communities


  • Trata - Adergas
  • Velesovo
  • Praprotna Polica
  • Pšata
  • Poženik
  • Šmartno
  • Zalog
  • Lahovče
  • Vopovlje
  • Spodnji Brnik
  • Zgornji Brnik
  • Štefanja Gora
  • Ambrož pod Krvavcem
  • Stiška vas
  • Ravne, Apno
  • Šenturška Gora
  • Sidraž
  • Sveti Lenart
  • Grad
  • Dvorje


Cerklje na Gorenjskem are an important hub of paths that lead through the villages beneath the mountain rim and along the slopes of Krvavec.:


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Societies and other organizations

Famous People of Cerklje




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