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Zemljevid kolesarskih poti

Zemljevid kolesarskih poti po Občini Cerklje na Gorenjskem


Active experiences of nature and countryside can be experienced among the colorful fields and the hills of the Municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem. There are 8 cycling routes, which can be reached by road or mountain bike. The information panel with a map stands in front of Petrovec house in the centre of Cerklje and all paths on field are marked with orientation boards. The paths lead along cultural, historical and natural sights and inns, which add up to your trip.


Lowland cycling paths:


Zalog Tabla



Sights along the path: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12




Kolesarske poti



Sights along the path: 1, 7, 5, 6, 13, 14, 15




Kolesarske poti


3. CERKLJE – ZGORNJI BRNIK – CERKLJE (6,1 km, 0,5 h, 28 mdh, easy)

Sights along the path: 1, 2




Kolesarske poti - Oznake na poti


4. CERKLJE – DVORJE - ČEŠNJEVEK - ADERGAS - VAŠCA – CERKLJE (10,6 km, 45 min, 42 mdh, easy)

Sights along the path: 1, 16, 17, 18, 14, 15




Kolesarske poti - Oznake na poti


5. ČEŠNJEVEK – ADERGAS – ČEŠNJEVEK (7,8 km, 30 min, 35 mdh, easy)

Sights along the path: 14, 16, 17, 18





More demanding cycling paths:


Kolesarske poti - Oznake na poti


6. CERKLJE – ŠENTURŠKA GORA – CERKLJE (13,4 km, 1 h 45 min, 268 mdh, difficult)

Sights along the path: 1, 11, 10, 19, 20




Kolesarske poti - Oznake na poti


7. CERKLJE – AMBROŽ POD KRVAVCEM - JEZERCA (KRVAVEC) – CERKLJE (27,2 km, 3 h 30 min, 1020 mdh, difficult)
Sights along the path: 1, 11, 10, 21, 22. 23




8. CERKLJE - GRAD - ŠTEFANJA GORA – CERKLJE (10,4 km, 1 h 45 min, 319 mdh, difficult)
Sights along the path: 1, 11, 10, 24


Legend of the sights along the paths:


1 Centre of Cerklje (the Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption, Hribar's villa, Petrovec house, in which are Tourist information centre Cerklje, museum and library, Plečnik chapel, Monument of Davorin Jenko, Memorial park of important men)
2 Church of Saint Janez Krstnik on Zgornji Brnik
3 Church of Saint Simon and Juda on Spodnji Brnik
4 Beekeeping farm museum 
5 Pond Lahovče
6 Church of Saint Florjan in Lahovče
7 Church of Saint Matija in Zalog
8 Church of Saint Martin in Šmartno
9 Church of Sainta Marija Magdalena in Pšata
10 Church of Saint helena in Grad
11 Church of Saint Nikolaj in Dvorje
12 Monument of Davorin Jenko
13 Airport of Jožef Pučnik
14 Church of Holly Spirit in Češnjevek
15 Castle Strmol
16 Church of Saint Marjeta on Trata
17 Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption and monastery Velesovo in Adergas
18 Ponds Češnjevek
19 Church of Saint Urh on Šenturška Gora
20 Organic herbal farm Grilc
21 Church of Holy Cross in Stiška vas
22 Church of Saint Ambrož on Ambrož pod Krvavcem
23 Monument of fallen fighters on Mountain Jezerca on Krvavec
24 Church of Saint Štefan on Štefanja Gora

Short description of sights in Cerklje:

In Cerklje you can see the Baroque church of Saint Mary of the Assumption, the Hribar's villa, the Petrovec house, which has the museum, Tourist Information centre of Cerklje and the library, the chapel of the architect Jože Plečnik, the monument of the composer and conductor Davorin Jenko and the Memorial park of important men in Cerklje. Of the twelve medieval castles in the area of ​​today's municipality, the Strmol Castle, first mentioned in the 13th century, is the only one that has survived to this day. In Adergas once stood the famous female Dominican monastery Velesovo, established in 1238. It has catacombs and the oldest statue of Mary in Slovenia. During the summer, Krvavec invites cyclists to a pleasant climate and unspoiled nature with a beautiful view. Among the popular excursion points are also the ponds Lahovče and Češnjevek.



Cycling paths in the municipality of Cerklje





Bike park Krvavec with over 27 km Mountain Bike trails and biggest elevation drops among Bike Parks in Slovenia, offers rides for all tastes and levels of biking experiences.


MUCI TRAIL (9 km, 850 mdh, suitable also for people with basic cycling abilities)


BAMBINO TRAIL (1500 m, 130 mdh, suitable for beginners)


XC SCOTT (6 km, 500 mvr, primerna za vse kolesarje, ki imajo poleg spustov
radi tudi nekaj vzpona)


XC SCOTT (6 km, 500 mdh, suitable for cyclists who like downhill as well as some ascent)


ROCK’N’FLOW (6 km, 859 mdh, suitable for experienced mountain cyclists)


GORSKI VZPONI (15 km, 1160 or 1530 mdh, a more demanding ascent from the valley to Krvavec)


More information on this link.






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Jecom Sport

Trnovlje 42

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Sobe Jana

Vopovlje 29

04 25 21 049

Hotel Penzion Jagodic

Vopovlje 10

04 25 21 333

Penzion Domačija Vodnik 

Adergas 27

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