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Every year, the municipality Cerklje na Gorenjskem organises the selection of the most beautiful village, street and business building in the municipality Cerklje na Gorenjskem. The selection takes place in connection with the project My Country - beautiful and hospitable, which is carried out by the Tourist Association of Slovenia.

The evaluation takes place between June and September in six different categories. The participants of the evaluation are all villages, streets, residence buildings, farms, tourist and business buildings in the municipality Cerklje na Gorenjskem.



The village is evaluated as a whole, but also by individual buildings, the orderliness of traffic and green surfaces, flowers (natural and cultivated greens and flowers are taken into account), orderliness of buildings, cultural heritage, natural elements as well as protection thereof.



The street is evaluated from the first house number to the last house number of the street with the same name (the criteria are the orderliness of the street and cohesion with its surroundings, orderliness of buildings and fences, orderliness of cultivated green surfaces and flowers, orderliness and security of natural elements in the street, environment protection).



External orderliness of residential houses and their environment (facade, balconies, windowsills, orderliness of house surroundings and garden, orderliness of lawns and flowers) are evaluated.



The external orderliness of the farm, both residential and economic buildings are evaluated along with their surroundings (cohesion with the local environment, use of natural materials, orderliness of facade, balconies, windowsills, orderliness of house surroundings and yard, external orderliness of stables and other buildings, orderliness of gardens, lawns and flowers), preservation of cultural heritage elements (preservation of typical building heritage, well, house chapel).



External orderliness of business buildings is evaluated (production or service activity and other types of buildings) as well as their surroundings (facade, balconies, windowsills, orderliness of building surroundings, external business areas, lawns and flowers).



External orderliness of tourist buildings is evaluated as well as their surroundings (facade, balconies, windowsills, orderliness of building surroundings, external business areas, lawns and flowers).


The goal of the project is to improve the quality of life in the municipality, encourage cooperation and connecting of the local population through keeping the environment and buildings tidy.


With this project, we wish to ensure that the entire municipality area is more attractive, contribute to a higher quality of life and sustainable development in an orderly and healthy environment. With the participation in the project, we will contribute to a greater tourist attractiveness and promotion of the municipality as well as the development of the environmental consciousness.


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