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The project Nature Experience Borderless is a cross - border project within the programme European Territorial Cooperation Goal 3 Slovenia - Austria 2007 - 2013. 17 partners are taking part in it, led by the Office of Carinthian Regional Government - Department 20.


The Slovenian project partners are:

•         BSC Kranj,

•         Triglavski National Park,

•         Countryside Sustainable Development Centre Kranj,

•         Gorenjska region: municipality Preddvor, municipality Cerklje na Gorenjskem, municipality Šenčur, City municipality Kranj, municipality Naklo, municipality Jezersko,

•         Logarska dolina d.o.o.,

Municipality Kamnik.,

•         Upper Savinja river valley: municipality Luče and municipality Solčava.

The Austrian side, along with the lead partner, includes:

•         National Park Visoke Ture,

•         National Park Nockberge,

•         Arge NATURSCHUTZ in

•         National Park Zirbitzkogel - Grebenzen.


With this project we, the partners, wish to increase the competitiveness of protected area in the regions on the border between Slovenia and Austria in the field of co - natural tourism, mainly with an offer of actively experiencing and discovering nature. The project activities are structured from three sets or modules:


l Set 1: Marketing of protected natural areas and tourist eco products (group marketing strategy including preparation of tourist products and promotional tools such as printed materials, websites...)


l Set 2: Work place and education development for local population (including tourist operators, nature interpreters and other suppliers of "nature experience" tourism)


l Set 3: Development of infrastructure with an emphasis on the creation of a common manual - directives for the arrangement of innovative experience oriented infrastructure and a pilot arrangement of certain natural science - tourist locations for the requirements of nature interpretation, the purchase of equipment for tourist product offer such as bird watching, fishing, boating and photo hunting... and the purchase of equipment for tourist information centres, related to an experience of nature.


In the scope of the project, the Municipality Cerklje na Gorenjskem arranged cycling markings, stops and the environment around the Češnjevek pond.


Download documents: 


  • Biking roads  Download
  • Biking paths  Download


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