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Hiking through Slovenian Alps and exploring of fairy tale corners of the Gorenjska region will be even more tempting now, since RDO Gorenjska prepared a special novelty - a tourist benefit card, which allows the guests of Gorenjska to take advantage of special discounts.


Accommodation and Benefit Card


Guests who spend a night in Gorenjska region will, along with a warm bed and friendly service, also receive their Guest of Gorenjska Green Card. It is provided by selected accommodation provider with a list on the website The card is free and valid for 30 days from activation and the discounts can be taken advantage of for the entire family, i.e. two adults with children.


Many Benefits for Big Adventures


Gorenjska region and Slovenian Alps can show off untainted nature, a rich history, interesting architecture, varied sports activities, autochthonous cuisine, rich culture and traditional events. The card enables seeing tourist sights, sports activities, culinary pleasures, visiting of cultural events, shopping and other unforgettable adventures at lower prices and with special benefits. Benefit suppliers are gathered on the website or mobile application Slovenian Alps Travel Guide for smart phones.


Mobile Application Slovenian Alps Travel Guide


The purpose of the application is to enable the visitors of Gorenjska region as simple and uninhibited movement as possible around locations and the use of discounts for visits of tourist sights. It is free to download onto a smart phone. Since the application is a sort of a collection of the tourist offer of Gorenjska, the users do not need to make a thorough plan of travel and shopping in advance. The application will ease the search for the closest, favourite or best priced accommodation, tourist sights or discounts. It unites the characteristics of tourist card benefits and information of a website, accessible always and everywhere, as it functions even without an internet connection.


Detailed Accommodation Data


The application has a collection of all necessary data on accommodation providers - addresses and descriptions of hotels and apartments. It also includes a map, where the location of the chosen provider can be verified. Tourist information centres and interesting sights in Gorenjska region are also marked.


Geolocation Search


Tourist information may be sought by the locations where the guest is or where they are headed to.

For an easier orientation, the search results will be displayed in an alphabetical order. The other option is a search through GPS location. The application detects it and suggests accommodation, attractions and discounts and benefits nearby automatically.


Electronic Green Card and Benefits


With the Electronic Green Card of the guest of Gorenjska, integrated into the application, the guests may take advantage of the same discounts and benefits as with the physical card. A large PRO for the electronic card is certainly the fact, that it cannot be lost.


Main Advantages of the Application:

It contains a map and data on accommodation, sights and attractions.

It detects current location via GPS and suggests nearby benefits.

Available in 5 languages: Slovenian, English, Italian, German and Croatian.

Works without internet connection too.

Contains electronic benefit card.

The card enables the enjoyment of beauty and offer of Gorenjska region simply and at favourable prices!

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